about us

     BICO INDUSTRIES has started its activity in 2006. The management team, however, had at that time an experience of over 15 years in manufacturing, distribution solutions, thermo and hydro isulation systems. People are the main value of a company. We provide a good work environment, proper motivation of staff in order to achieve maximum efficiency, training for learning the latest technologies in the field and their transformation into knowledge and skills in customer service.

     By upgrading the HITROM‘s factory in 2009, we got a production area of over 15.000m², located on the industrial platform of Vaslui. Business activity has one basic components, production of fiberglass reinforcing mesh. Production line of fiberglass reinforcing mesh produced the first m² in the summer of 2012 and has a current capacity of 28 million m² per year. Along with the commencement of the new formula, we proceeded to implement an integrated management system according to ISO 9001/ 14001/ 18001. The fiberglass reinforcing mesh has “ETAG – 004 Compliance Certificate”.

     We want to assure our partners that BICO INDUSTRIES is ready to meet the requirements related to the development of thermal components, in terms of quality, at competitive prices.

Our mission

Our company’s mission is to provide insulation materials to the market, competitive products to its expectations. The philosophy of our existence fits the customer’s needs and expectations. He is in the elaboration of the strategy of the organization. He assures us the existence and brings us satisfaction that we need so much. Without him we would not exist. That is why we should give all we have best in us.

The quality

is what it makes the client return to the manufacturer not the merchandise.

The honesty

to ourselves, to our customers and partners.

Team work

egoists are the first to kneel under pressure.


left side always know what right side does.


an organization that does not innovate, sooner or later dies.


at all levels to adopt a proactive attitude.

The responsibility

at each level. The growth and development of the organization is represented by the employees, rely on the experience and professionalism of the colleagues, give them a chance to develop.


in achieving goals.