BICO technologies are designed to reinforce your systems.

Because our goal is to always be focused on innovation, development and optimization, we have laid the foundations of a versatile technology park that allows us, through close cooperation with our customers, to develop products perfectly adapted to their individual requirements.

Whether we are talking about fiberglass mesh for the reinforcement of ETICS systems, fiberglass scrim for the reinforcement, by lamination, of industrial products, laminated fiberglass reinforcement that perfectly combines the properties of the layers they are composed of (nonwoven and fiberglass mesh) or other adjacent products such as fiberglass mesh profiles and other solutions composed by laminating the mesh on nonwovens, foils, films, papers, BICO production technologies are specially implemented to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards in the technical textile industry and allow us to continuously develop a varied portfolio of products.



The rapier and air jet weaving looms fleet allows us to produce fiberglass mesh, specialized for reinforcing external thermal insulation systems (ETICS), in compliance with the highest quality standards, imposed by national or European agreements in the construction materials industry.

The fiberglass mesh developed by LENO weaving technology has the advantage of offering a high tensile and elongation strength in the alkaline environment from surfaces with a medium or thick layer of plaster.


In the technical textile industry, by knitting fiberglass yarns, products with different structures can be obtained, adapted to the requirements of the final applications in which they are integrated.

Successfully implemented in our production area, the knitting technology allows us to produce fiberglass mesh for reinforcing interior and exterior plasters.


BICO Industries has the expertise and resources necessary for the production of fiberglass scrim, specially designed for reinforcing, by lamination, of industrial products.

This fiberglass scrim is made by a technological process known worldwide as "laid scrim", through which the continuous filament of glass yarns are laid down in an open mesh structure and the bonding between longitudinal warp yarns and transverse weft yarns is made by chemical welding.

Using the principle described above, the fiberglass mesh has the advantage of being at least 20% thinner than a woven mesh and is suitable to be included in a laminating processes, characteristic for the production of materials composed of two or more laminated layers, such as: roofing membranes, synthetic membranes, roofing underlay, thermo reflective aluminum foils, thermal insulation materials and other materials that tend to break easily (nonwoven materials, foils, films, papers ...).


By laminating the scrim on nonwoven fiberglass materials, we managed to combine the properties of these two layers for the development of fiberglass reinforcements that substantially improve the mechanical properties of the products they are integrated into.

Due to the compatibility between the laminated layers, the BICO fiberglass reinforcements are ideal for reinforcing bituminous or synthetic membranes, being the support layer that offers flexibility, dimensional stability and high puncture resistance.


BICO Industries has an important production capacity for PVC or ALUMINUM profiles, with fiberglass mesh, used for strengthening, protection and aesthetics of exterior corners in surfaces finished with different types of plaster.

We have the experience and the technological requested to develop innovative reinforcement solutions, adapted to the requirements of the technical textile industry, by replacing fiberglass yarn with polyester yarn (PES) and laminating fiberglass or polyester scrim on various nonwovens.

The continuous development of BICO technologies reflects the way we approach each new challenge by outlining the value of innovation: "An organization that does not always innovate, sooner or later will die."