Please take note of the Privacy Policy BICO INDUSTRIES, detailed below. This information is detailed by a number of frequently asked questions FAQ, which are also available online and are part of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes how your personal data is being processed by BICO INDUSTRIES in connection with the operation of this website, its services, selling its products in order to keep you abreast of its initiatives and to improve r how we serve you.  For any specific question not covered by the FAQs, please send us your request by mail here.

BICO INDUSTRIES is registered with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing as operator of personal data. BICO INDUSTRIES respects the privacy of all its sites users and all the individuals whose data are processed in other ways. Any information collected about you will be used primarily to provide the services that you can ask and secondly, with your permission, to keep you abreast of BICO INDUSTRIES initiatives and improving the way in which you are served. We realize this through an adequate use of such information, as detailed below.

The information will not be disclosed to anyone outside BICO INDUSTRIES, companies affiliated or associated to it, agencies, distributors or authorized persons, representatives or distributors and other companies with which BICO INDUSTRIES contracted services for your benefit, and from outside of any representative, assignee or replacement of parts that have been referenced above. The information will be treated in accordance with the Romanian law on protection of personal data, particularly in accordance with Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (“Data Protection Act”) and may be stored and used initially within or outside the European Union (EU) / European Economic Area (EEZ), anywhere in the world (including the USA). The transfer of personal data to the countries outside the EU /EEA is made for one or more of the above purposes and BICO INDUSTRIES will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is protected in an appropriate manner.

Under Romanian legislation you have certain rights on the protection of personal data, including the right to know what information we hold about you and for what purposes and alterations, if any; you also have the right to ask us to not use the informationfor legitimate grounds. We will take all possible measures to respect your wishes. It is possible, however, that certain legal provisions particularly those related to safety issues and the regulation of the financial sector (for example, in dealing with the bank), not to allow this.  You have also the right not to be subjected to individual decisions made by automatic means. You can exercise this rights by  writing to this address.

If you have specific questions not covered in the FAQ, please send us your request by mail to this address.

FAQs about our Privacy Policy

Collecting this information will enable BICO INDUSTRIES to fulfill the following objectives:

    • make this website more accessible and functional for you, without requiring you to enter information several times
    • provide information faster.
    • generate more relevant content for you.
    • help you easily identify services or information that BICO INDUSTRIES can provide to you.
    • use this information to improve the website.
    • identify general trends on the website and its use.
    • provide you required services and products.
    • inform you about new products, special offers, updated information and other new services that we think might be useful for you. When we have your permission, we may authorize other companies to get in touch with you.

What information can be collected by BICO INDUSTRIES?

We intend to offer you a larger control over your personal information. In general, you can visit BICO INDUSTRIES websites without letting us konw who you are or to disclose to us any other personal information. In certain situations, however, we might need information about you, such as name or address. It is our intention to warn you before we collect via the Internet any personal data.

We will collect personal information that can be directly associated with you only after you have completed the registration process.

Even before registration we will collect anonymous information about how you use this website. This is a common procedure for any website on the Internet. The information collected does not personally identify you, but that can be useful for our purposes of marketing or improving the services we offer. If you agree to provide, through the Internet, the necessary personal data – for example, to correspond with you, process an order or to subscribe, we intend to inform you exactly how we will use such information. If you notify us that you do not want this information to be used by us to get in touch with you, we will respect your wish.

BICO INDUSTRIES will collect and process the following information about yourself:

    • billing data;
    • purchase data;
    • department;
    • payment procedure / argument;
    • Customers info (account number, address, telephone numbers, e-mail);
    • product details;

We will inform you in advance if we intend to collect additional personal data.

How will BICO INDUSTRIES collect and store this information?

This website may collect information about you in several ways; We are asking them directly from you (for example, through a registration form) or by automatically recording information about your visit to our website. For example, we may collect information about the pages you have visited or to record the choices you have made.

Information is stored in a secure data storage, protected by a combination of physical and technical measures. The public has no access to this information.

How long will BICO INDUSTRIES store this information?

BICO INDUSTRIES will store this information in a safe and protected data storage  for the entire period of its business, as long as we believe that the information can be useful for us to understand better how we can serve and respect your wish,  unless youspecifically ask, on legitimate grounds, to cease processing your personal data. Beyond this reason, legislation can impose  preservation of information for a certain period of time.

To understand how you can change or update information stored about you, please see the appropriate question in this section.

Where will your information be stored?

BICO INDUSTRIES is performing operations across Europe, and your data is stored in Romania. Greseala in textul in romana

Why do we collect this information?

We need this information to improve the services we offer you; We want to facilitate and adapt our products and services to your specific needs. Also, we need this data to provide you the required services and information and to keep you up to date with our initiatives.

What is the applicability of this policy?

This Privacy Policy applies to consumers websites. It does not apply to visitors who are legal entities.

What are cookies?

There is a technology called cookies that can be used to provide you with  adapted information from a website. A cookie is a set of data, a file which is nothing but a line of text that a Website can send to your browser, which in turn can store in your system. Some pages use cookies in order to give you more complete service when you revisit the site. For example, cookies can help you avoid re-keying texts already provided to us. You can set your browser to notify you whenever you get cookie, giving you the opportunity to decide whether you accept it or not.

How to delete cookies?

You can easily delete any cookies installed in the cookie folder of your web browser. For example, if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer:

    • Open “Windows Explorer”
    • Click “Search” toolbar
    • Type “cookie” into the search window “Folders and Files’
    • Select the “My Computer” in the “Look in”
    • Click on “Search Now”
    • Double click on folders found
    • “Select ‘any cookie
    • Press the ‘Delete’ button on your keyboard

If you do not use Microsoft Windows Explorer, you can select ‘cookies’ in the Help for information about where to find your cookie folder.

The decommissioning and recommissioning of cookies

You can accept or decline cookies by modifying your browser settings. However, you may not use all interactive applications on our site if cookies are disabled. If you wish to be warned before accepting cookies on your hard disk, follow the instructions below:

In Internet Explorer 6.0:

    • Go to “Tools” menu
    • Click on “Internet Options”
    • Click on “Privacy Tab”
    • Move the slider to choose your preferred settings
    • Click “OK”
    • Go to list cookies
    • Delete all the files you have there, this will delete all cookies
    • Once deleted these files, you will not have cookies and your browser will no longer send or receive new cookies.

In Internet Explorer 7.0:

    • Exit Internet Explorer 7, and then exit any application Microsoft Windows Explorer
    • Click “Start,” click “Run”, type “inetcpl.cpl” and then press ENTER
    • On the General tab, click “Delete” under Browsing History in the Internet Properties dialog box
    • Browsing History dialog box, click “Delete Cookies”
    • In the Delete Cookies dialog box, click “Yes”.

In Internet Explorer 8.0:

    • Click “Safety” in the Command bar
    • Select “Delete Browsing History”
    • Select the option for cookies and click “Delete”
    •  Alternatively, the new navigation application specific Internet Explorer 8 InPrivate allows users to browse the internet without recording information from visited websites (including cookies). How to use Private:
    • Click “Safety” in the Command bar
    • Select “InPrivate Browsing”
    • If you use an older version of Internet Explorer is not mentioned here, please visit the Microsoft website to download a newer version.

Mozilla Firefox:

    • Click on “Tools” then “Options” (or “Edit | Preferences” on Linux)
    • Select “Privacy”
    • Cookies panel, click on “Show Cookies”
    • To delete one cookie, click on the entry in the list and on the “Remove Cookie”
    • To delete all cookies, click “Remove All Cookies”.

Google Chrome:

    • Click on the “Tools” then “Options”
    • Click on Tab “Under the Hood” and install the “Security”
    • In the “Cookie settings”, click “Show Cookies”
    • Select “Remove all” to delete all cookies from the list (alternatively, you can delete all cookies created during a certain period of time by selecting the “Clear browsing data” from the Tools menu).
    • To delete a specific cookie, simply select the website that chooses cookie list and you click on “Remove” or “Close” button to complete.

In Safari:

    • Choose “Preferences” from the Safari menu
    • Select the icon “Security”
    • Click “Show Cookies”
    • Select the cookies you want to delete from the list
    • Click the Delete button.

What are the profiles of consumers?

Every registered customer has a unique personal profile. Each profile is assigned a personal identification code also unique, allowing us to ensure that you are the only one who can access their profile.
To register, create your profile, assign a personal identification code, after which it is possible to send the code back to your hard drive as a file “cookie”. The code is all yours. He is your passport to seamless travel sites BICO INDUSTRIES. This code can allow visiting these sites without having to fill out multiple forms with information previously provided. Even if you visit websites from different computers you do not need to re-register.

How do I modify my personal information?

Consumer profile can be used to customize and display of the pages to suit your preferences and settings.
Some sites use BICO INDUSTRIES registration pages that allow studying and updating personal information provided.
In other cases, you have the solution to cancel participation in the service. In any other cases where personal information is requested updating, please follow the instructions.
Alternatively, you can send the change request by mail to the address specified here.

What can you tell me about website and Internet security?

The Internet is not a secure platform and should always be cautious whit the information you transmit online.
Personal information collected by BICO INDUSTRIES sites are stored in secure data storage, to which the public has no access. In some cases, such as the transmission of bank card numbers, personal information is encrypted before transaction using secure technology (SSL, HTTP2, etc.).

What options do I have if I register?

If you decide to register, you can decide what information you want to receive from BICO INDUSTRIES. If you do not want us to communicate other offers on products, events or services, you can select the appropriate option.
Offers can be sent by mail, email, telephone or any other appropriate means.

What happens if I do not register?

If you choose not to register or not to provide personal information, you’ll be able generally to use most of the functionalities. However, you will not be able to access sections that require registration.
Even if you do not register, we may collect anonymous information about the way you use the site. This information can not be used to identify you, but may be useful for our marketing activities and to improve the services we offer.

Under what conditions is it possible that this Privacy Policy does not apply?

Besides sending personal information directly to BICO INDUSTRIES website, you may also send personal information through chat rooms (live chat), exchange of emails or post on forums that are available for you. Privacy Policy does not cover this way of transfer of the personal information. You must be cautious before sharing personal information in the ways listed above.

How can I contact BICO INDUSTRIES?

For any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at the address : str. Petru Movila, no. 31, Piatra Neamt, Neamt County – Romania; email: office [at]; phone: +4 0233 211 400.