General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data

It is normal and even recommended to pay special attention to the way in which your personal data is collected, used and distributed.

The Personal Data Protection Policy, hereinafter referred to as "the Policy", has been specifically designed to help you understand the practices and conditions under which S.C. BICO INDUSTRIES S.A., headquartered in 31 Petru Movila Street, Piatra Neamt, Neamt, collects, uses and stores your personal data, hereinafter referred to as "Data".

In this document you will find various data that we may collect or that you may provide to us when you access and/or use the "Website" .

The policy applies to Data collected from the following sources:

  • The website
  • Data transmission through the section „Contact BICO INDUSTRIES”.
  • Filling in the form in the section ” Offer request”;
  • Filling in the form „Direct Contact”.
  • Filling in the form „BICO INDUSTRIES Carriers”.

Carefully read the Policy to understand our data processing practices. Please note that you must agree to this policy in order to view and/or use our website.

If you do not agree with our Personal Data Protection Policy, please do not use our website.

You are responsible for ensuring that all data provided to BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L. are complete, correct and up to date.

  1. What data do we collect?
  • Your email address must be provided if you wish to communicate with S.C. BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L. through the contact forms and/or to receive our offers;
  • Information about your identity, such as your last name, first name, email address or phone number can be requested in the forms;
  • Browsing data: data about how you use websites, including: IP address, browser used, browsing duration, search history, operating system used, language and pages viewed;
  • Data about your visit to our site, including traffic data, log files and other data or communication resources used by you when you visit our website.
  1. How is Data Collected?
    The data collected and how we collect them vary depending on how you use the website
    BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L. collects directly the Data you enter in the contact forms and/or communicated by you when you contact us by phone.

BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L. also indirectly collects your data through cookies and tracking tools (Google Analytics, Remarketing).

The cookie policy, which was created specifically to help you better understand this technology and how we use it on our site.

  1. Why is Data Collected?
    Your personal data is collected by BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L. for:
  • to contact you and provide you with technical and commercial information (including by contractual partners of S.C. BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L.).
  • processing your requests (from the contact form), including for customer support.
  • to benefit from interactive features of the site (geolocation).
  • for statistical purposes, for the evaluation of customer degree of satisfaction in relation to the services of S.C. BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L..
  • direct marketing, including information through messages sent by e-mail and/or SMS regarding products and services (including the new products and services of SC BICO INDUSTRIES SRL), promotions, contests, tombola or any other marketing actions carried out by BICO INDUSTRIES SRL and its partners and the administration of the customer database (consumers, only when the person has expressly and unequivocally agreed to the processing of e-mail and/or telephone for this purpose).

Your data may also be collected through cookies and trackers, with your consent when necessary, for:

Improving your experience on the website through:

  • Allowing our website to recognize the terminal used, thus saving the providing of the same information several times for the same activity,
  • Analysis of traffic and data transmitted from and to the website, to count the number of users, to improve it, as well as to ensure that it responds in a timely manner to your requests. Your refusal to provide some data may result in the unavailability of certain services.
  1. Who processes the data?
    Your personal data is processed by the following categories of personnel within S.C BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L.:
  • The administrators of the website
  • The persons designated to take over the requests sent by you from the contact forms.
  • Links to third party web pages

    The website may contain links to various websites, platforms and social networks managed on equipment of third parties, by persons and organizations on which S.C BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L. he has no control.
    Thus, we can in no way be held responsible for the way your data is stored or used on third party servers. We encourage you to read the applicable personal data protection policy for each third-party website that you access through our website to understand how your data will be used.
  1. How long is your personal data stored?
    BICO INDUSTRIES S.R.L. store your data only for the period necessary for the purposes explained in point 3.

The period of storage and retention of data varies depending on the nature and purpose for which they were collected, and at the same time there are certain legal obligations that provide the period of retention.

The data collected through the contact forms, by phone or by chat, will be stored up to five (5) years from the date of the last contact.

The data collected through cookies/trackers will be stored for up to six (6) months for cookies that measure our audience and up to thirteen (13) months for others.

After the periods mentioned above, your data will be anonymized and will be kept only for statistical purposes, access to them being controlled;

  1. How is your data protected?
    Your data is stored on secure servers protected by firewalls and antivirus software.

All technical and organizational measures have been implemented to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data against any unauthorized access or use, modification, unauthorized disclosure or accidental loss.

Given the characteristics of the online environment, we can not guarantee the optimal security of data transmitted via the Internet, but we assure you that we do everything possible to protect the data, but unfortunately, we can not guarantee the absolute security of the information sent on our site. at your own risk.

  1. What are your rights?
    According to the Regulation 679/2016 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, SC BICO INDUSTRIES SRL has the obligation to manage in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data that you provide us.

At the same time, according to this GDPR you have the following rights:

  • the right to request information on how personal data will be used
  • the right to have access to the personal data collected
  • the right to rectify the personal data collected
  • the right to delete personal data collected
  • the right to restrict access to personal data collected
  • the right to portability of personal data to another operator
  • the right of opposition
  • the right not to be subject to an individual and profiling decision
  • the right to go to court in case of violation of the rights guaranteed by Law 679/2016.
  1. What does Consent mean?

After filling in the data in the contact form in the specific section, by checking the field regarding the understanding of the terms and conditions, you declare and accept unconditionally that your personal data can be included in the database of the website and you give your express consent and unequivocally that all such personal data be stored, used and processed for the purposes set out above in point 3.

  1. What did you learn from reading this Policy?
    By reading the Policy, you have acknowledged that you are guaranteed the rights provided by law, namely the right to information, the right to access data, the right to rectify, the right to delete, the right to restrict, the right to portability, the right to oppose, the right not to be subject to an individual and profiling decision and the right to go to court in case of violation of the rights guaranteed by Regulation 679/2016 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.
  2. Who to contact to access your personal data collected by S.C. BICO INDUSTRIES S.A.?
    Based on a written request on the email address you can manifest any of the rights highlighted by Regulation 679/2016 for the protection of persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.
  3. What is the response time for your requests?
    The response time for your request is between 30 and 90 days, depending on the requests received.
  4. What happens if your personal data has been compromised?
    If your personal data has been compromised, the person specified to point 10, has the obligation to inform you within a maximum of 72 hours, in order to decide what the next actions will be.
  5. Can your personal data be sent to Justice?
    Your personal information may also be provided to the General Prosecutor's Office, to the Police, the courts and other competent state bodies, based on and within the limits of the legal provisions and as a result of expressly formulated requests.

If you want to see your personal data that we have stored, please send an email to Your request will be processed within 30 days.